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Your State Legislator needs to hear from you today!

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Currently, two bills are stalled in the Public Health Committee (PHC).  Please call your legislator today and ask them to support SB 316, An Act Requiring the Labeling of Food Products that are Packaged in Materials that Contain Bisphenol-A. and HB 5330, An Act Concerning the Application of Pesticides on Parks, Playgrounds, Athletic Fields and Municipal Greens.

We can’t help but question who Public Health Committee members are protecting, our children or corporate profits?  Below is a list of the PHC members and their districts.  If your legislator is a member of the PHC, please call and e-mail them immediately.  These bills need to be voted out of committee this week or they will die in committee.  If your legislator is not on the PHC, ask them to speak with their colleagues on the PHC and urge them to vote yes on HB 5330 ad SB 316.

Find your legislator by clicking HERE.

Determine if they are on the Public Health Committee by clicking here.  Or check the list below.

You can use this script when calling or e-mailing or feel free to speak from the heart.

“Please vote yes on HB5330 and SB316.  Please do not put corporate interests above the health and welfare of the citizens of this state.  We are simply asking that you give us the right to know if the food we are eating is packaged using BPA and that you keep our children safe from exposure to toxic chemical pesticides.”

This is extremely urgent. Please e-mail and call your legislator today and let us know what their position is by replying to this e-mail.  Thank you for all you do.  Let your voice heard and make sure our legislators are working for us.

Public Health Committee Members:

S06 – Gerratana, Terry B.

049 – Johnson, Susan M.

S14 – Slossberg, Gayle S.

036 – Miller, Philip J.

S31 – Welch, Jason C.

031 – Srinivasan, Prasad

058 – Alexander, David

109 – Arconti, David

078 – Betts, Whit

065 – Cook, Michelle L.

105 – Conroy, Theresa W.

057 – Davis, Christopher

021 – Demicco, Mike

S10 – Holder-Winfield, Gary A.

112 – Hovey, DebraLee

S32 – Kane, Robert J.

114 – Klarides, Themis

119 – Maroney, James

S22 – Musto, Anthony J.

113 – Perillo, Jason

046 – Riley, Emmett D.

139 – Ryan, Kevin

060 – Sayers, Peggy

107 – Scribner, David A.

026 – Tercyak, Peter A.

098 – Widlitz, Patricia M.

034 – Ziobron, Melissa H.

081 – Zoni, David

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