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Vote Tomorrow: Your Presence Is Needed At The Capitol

Let your voice be heard this week.  Our Senators are listening and SB 443, which would ban the sale or use of Genetically Engineered grass in Connecticut is expected to be called for a vote in the Senate TOMORROW.

The opposition continues to spread their lies and has a very large presence at the Capitol.  We need to be louder and be more powerful in numbers.

Please join us at the Capitol tomorrow at noon on the third floor outside the Old Judiciary Room.  Your presence DOES matter.  It is much tougher for legislators to vote against the interests of their constituents when we are present.  Don’t let corporate interests trump the public health and welfare of the citizens of Connecticut.

Come for as long as you can.  Any amount of time helps.  Please respond to this e-mail with any questions.  We hope to see you tomorrow.  Thanks, in advance, for all your efforts.

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