Why is Packaging and Labeling Important

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GMO means genetically modified organisms; they are created in laboratories using genetic modifications and different engineering techniques. Many scientists, environment groups and even consumers are against such modifications, as they have many health and environment risks. Most of the food available in the supermarkets today contains some or the other genetically modified ingredient, and hence GMO labeling affects each one of us.

Packaging and labeling plays a very important role in marketing the product so it is important to get it right through a series of inspections. Packaging communicates all the information, related to the ingredients, directions of usage, features, and benefits and also has customer care numbers, for the consumers, in case they wish to contact the company or provide feedback or ask questions. It also has the date of packaging and the best before date, which a consumer should always check, before buying any product.  Labeling at the same time, is your basic sales message that you wish to communicate to your consumers or one can even say that labeling is a kind of sales strategy that one uses, like promoting free gifts or discounts that are available with the product and even mentioning the quality of your product that is absent in your competitors product.

Proper storage and handling of packaged food at home is essential in order to maintain the standard and quality of food, otherwise bacteria can grow on them and spoil the food. Look into IQ, OQ and PQ quality control processes. Food processing involves four major steps, packaging, labeling, transporting and storing. All are equally important, but it is the storage part that each of us have to do personally. Hence, the basic idea while storing food at home is to ensure that it is safe and that the quality is maintained. Different types of storage units are required for different foods, depending on the temperature they require to stay fresh. A number of companies, these days are making product specific storage units, which make sure that the quality of the food is maintained by making units which have a specific design, size, temperature control (for perishable food items), security feature etc. One such example is a wine cellar, which perfectly maintains the temperature of the wine and its quality as well. Today most of the storage facilities are paying attention to the business requirements and hence designing storage units that meet the desired specifications.

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