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House Puts Politics Over Policy – We Deserve Better


Wednesday night the Senate passed SB 443, a bill to ban genetically engineered grass seed, on a bipartisan vote of 25-11.  This seed threatens the integrity of our organic farms and will lead to an escalation of pesticide use.  Our supporters understand we need to stop this threat before it takes root in Connecticut.  We are grateful to the Senate.

Unfortunately, all of that was undone when the CT House Leadership prematurely called the bill for a vote in order to kill it before our voices could be heard.   We all remember what happened last year.  The Senate passed a strong GMO labeling law that was then squashed by the House in the middle of the night.  But, we did not give up then and we will not give up now. Click Here to read our public statement about what happened in the House.

For many of us, this feels a bit like a déjà vu. We need to remind Speaker Sharkey and the legislators who voted against protecting the health of the citizens of our state that it is not without consequence.  These politicians put politics and corporate interests above public health and we cannot tolerate it.

Please join with us today as we elevate our collective voice and hold our elected officials accountable.  This is an election year and they have to care what you think.

Please call and e-mail your Senator & Representative today.  You can find out how your legislator voted by clicking below:

If your legislators voted in favor, please express your gratitude and thank them for their leadership in the effort to protect public health and our environment.

If your legislators voted no please express your disappointment: Here is an example of a message for “No” Vote:  “I am extremely disappointed that you put politics and corporate interests above the health and welfare of my family and voted no on SB 443.  This is unacceptable and I am asking you to re-think how you will vote the next time this issue comes before you.”

Thank you for taking action today.   We need your help. We cannot allow our elected officials to get away with this.


In Solidarity,
Tara and the Team at ConnFACT and GMO Free CT

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