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Have you called your Senator yet?

Have you called your Senator yetSupport a ban on the sale and use of genetically engineered grass and a ban on pesticide use where children play!

A few weeks ago, the Environment Committee passed SB 443 out of committee. That bill is currently on its way to the Senate floor for a vote. Our CT State Senators need to hear from you TODAY!  This bill is expected to be voted on as early as next Wednesday, April 9th.  Our legislators are hearing from the opposition, WE NEED TO BE LOUDER!  Please call and e-mail your Senators until you have a commitment from them to support this extremely important legislation and let us know what they say by replying to this message.

Find your Senator by clicking HERE!

Below is a script you can use or feel free to speak from the heart.

“Please support the ban on Genetically Engineered grass seed that will dramatically increase the pesticides dumped into our environment. Also, please support expanding the existing pesticide ban at school pre-K – 8th grade to parks, playgrounds, municipal town greens and our high schools.  We must protect our children wherever they may play.  Please put public health and our environment above the corporate interests who profit from the sale of these toxic chemicals.”

Last year we were able to prove that Democracy is still alive in this country. We can do it again this year, but only of we use our voices creating a collective power that can not be ignored. Please call and e-mail you Senator until you have their commitment to support the ban on GE grass and use of pesticides where our children play.

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