4 Common Carpet Cleaning Issues

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Carpet cleaning is not always as straightforward as many seem to think that it could be, primarily because there are several issues surrounding carpet cleaning that could compromise the entire operation. Once a clean is compromised, the carpet cleaning process could be ruined. Properly cleaning a carpet is more involved than simple vacuuming and there are issues and mistakes that are easy to make but also easy to avoid if you know how.

If you have decided to take on the task of cleaning your carpets yourself, these are certainly worth looking over so that you know what to look out for and avoid.

Over wetting

One of the most common issues with carpet cleaning is over wetting. This happens when the one doing the cleaning has applied too much water, more than the machine is able to recover. Residue remains in the carpet fibre and so totally defeats the entire object of cleaning the carpets in the first place. Carpet cleaning company in Newport state “sometimes the water will remain on the surface of the carpet, this is called wicking, and can ruin the look of the carpet as dirt will be more visible”.

If too much water has been applied then removing it before it can damage the carpet is obviously very important. This can be done with a strong carpet cleaning machine; this sounds counterproductive but these machines are designed to remove water also, so the stronger the better.


Rippling is another common mistake made with carpet cleaning at home and it happens because the carpet has been poorly stretched during the fitting process. Not only can it occur during the fitting, rippling can also happen during the cleaning process. Because there is the possibility of rippling in this way, you should get a professional to do the cleaning for you.

Ripples in carpets can be removed but it is an involved process that means removing all of the furniture from the room and, effectively, stretching the carpet. A far easier solution is to prevent the rippling in the first place.


Carpet browning is often confused with carpet yellowing or even wicking. Carpet browning is slightly different because of the inclusion of cellulosic fibres in the makeup of the carpet. It is this material that can ‘brown’ if a carpet is not cleaned correctly. As common as this issue is, to avoid it the services of a professional is a preferred over the DIY alternative. For it is worth, carpet browning is caused by the excessive use of carpet cleansers, hot water leaks and even air conditioning. Particularly when it comes to carpet cleaning Cardiff who have a wealth of experience on this issue.

If your carpet does suffer from browning, a de-browning agent can be used to resolve the issue highly effectively.

Cleaning the carpets of the home on a regular basis is something that many homeowners like to do. To increase the life of the carpet this is a good thing but it isn’t always easy. Hopefully the above has shed a little light on some of the more common issues so that you can avoid them the next time you come to clean your carpet cleaning Caerphilly.

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